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About us

The social and economic situation in the Portuguese-speaking countries is heterogeneous. However, it is clear the gains that can be obtained with the development of synergies in regional cooperation since those countries share a common legal basis as well as a quite similar public administration organization.

From this point of view, supported by the European Commission, the CAMÕES Institute, with a long and recognized experience in the Portuguese multilateral and bilateral cooperation within the PALOP-TL in the field of development cooperation, joined with the Portuguese Agency for the Public Services Reform (AMA), internationally recognized for its technical and administrative solutions as well as its good practices in the field of e-government, to work together on a project to improve public services in these countries.

The PASP PALOP-TL is part of the PALOP-TL / EU cooperation and it is implemented by CAMÕES Institute through an indirect centralised management. CAMÕES Institute co-finances about 16.7% of a total budget of € 5.8M, and AMA is responsible for the technical supervision and for the support for organization and general implementation of the project.


To modernise the PALOP-TL public administration through the computerisation of its public services.


Within a PALOP-TL context in which the purpose is to permanently improve the knowledge and institutional capacity along with the operations and solutions to manage and implement ICT projects in public administration; the creation of conditions for the provision of public services to citizens and companies according to the legislation on e-government aligned with the best practices and the principles of proximity and efficiency.